The Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity (VCMI) Initiative is a multi-stakeholder platform to drive credible, net-zero aligned participation in high integrity voluntary carbon markets.

VCMI engages stakeholders around a shared mission to ensure voluntary carbon markets fulfil their potential to support the goals of the Paris Agreement.

As a multi-stakeholder platform, VCMI connects and amplifies initiatives that share its vision for high integrity voluntary carbon markets and looks to broaden its potential for collaboration.

Mitigating the impact of climate change is top of the agenda across many sectors - particularly following COP26 and as we prepare for the run up to the G20 and COP27.

Alongside these global summits, high-profile conferences hosted by the world’s largest media corporations often inspire, provoke and instigate changes to our approach to the biggest issues we face.

Through carefully scoping out the best and most impactful arenas to amplify VCMI’s message, Blakeney secures regular speaking slots on global, credible and far-reaching panels. We know that this is an effective way of making sure VCMI, as a key thought leader in this space, is given an opportunity to help shape the global narrative around carbon markets.

Blakeney builds constructive relationships with organisers on how these events are shaped and delivered. This can include sector-specific arenas, such as edie’s recent Sustainability Leaders Forum, or making sure VCMI has a seat at much broader tables. For example, VCMI’s Co-Chair Rachel Kyte recently took part in a panel on global Female Climate Leadership as part of the Financial Time’s Climate Capital Live conference.

Our work to amplify VCMI’s message does not stop there. Each appearance is broadcast widely across social media - curated carefully to capture the key themes and scope of each opportunity.

These events are more than moments in time, they help to embed the messages of key thought leaders, such as VCMI, and further the debate as the world moves towards Net Zero.

Elevating credible voices as the world races to Net Zero.

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“Blakeney brings a level of strategy and rigour that is rare in corporate communications. Their advice, and their ability to cut through the noise to get to the heart of an issue, is second to none.”

Jessica Koravos, President, The Really Useful Group